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a young man playing an electric guitar.

Esron Alves


Our group of teenage musicians was very active in church work. Pimentas, through Irmão Clarismundo, musically influenced our generation.One of his sons, Ticão, was our master in the art of playing the popular guitar. And he himself, when he was at his brother Teco's house, in São Paulo, where he stayed for a few months, returned to our homeland with new styles to share with us. Rock, guarânia, Iê-iê-iê, ballad were the rhythms that we learned to form the basis for that beautiful, golden solo guitar, which he performed with skillful solos. The blue electric guitar – which also used big batteries – and its little square sound box were left aside. Now, we were sacred “rockers”.




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February 11,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a young man playing a guitar in a room, with various objects in the background. the man appears to be happy and content while playing the instrument.
Prompt 2: a young man playing a yellow electric guitar in a room. he appears to be happy and content while playing the instrument. the room contains other objects such as a blue-colored keyboard and a brown wooden chair. the young man is dressed in a blue shirt.