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the black and white checkered pattern is distorted into a circular shape with a blue eye in the center.

Muhammad Zarif


"Generate a hypnotic and engaging video loop featuring a checker design and other intricate patterns. The loop should revolve and circle in a captivating manner against a black background. Incorporate a color scheme of white, red, black, and blue to enhance the visual appeal. Ensure the transitions between patterns are seamless, creating a harmonious and mesmerizing experience for the viewer. The objective is to evoke a sense of beauty and captivation through the dynamic interplay of shapes and colors. The loop should be visually stunning and calming, providing an immersive and ambient viewing experience."




Date Created

February 11,2024Wj




DreamShaper XL1.0
DreamShaper XL1.0
alpha2 (xl1.0)
Run Count 933315

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a checkered floor pattern with a black and white cat in the center spins, with different objects inside it moving around. a blue light and a white flower are also present, and a black and white clock with a white face is in the center. is visually striking and colorful.
Prompt 2: a checkered floor pattern spins with a black and white cat in the center, featuring blue light and a white flower. a white and black ball, a white and black clock with a white face, and a white flower with a green stem also appear. has a visually striking and colorful design.