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the god of thunder is holding a lightning bolt in his hands.

Zeva rz


Zeus, the ancient Greek god of thunder and lightning, . He has a muscular build, short hair and a beard. Zeus holds a lightning bolt in one hand and a scepter in the other, a symbol of his power. The background of the image is made in blue and white tones, which emphasizes its connection with the sky and thunder. Clouds and lightning can be seen around Zeus, which creates an atmosphere of his power and strength. Pixar-style




Date Created

February 11,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: features a powerful blue god holding lightning bolts in his hands. the god's face is detailed, and he has a serious expression. the background is dark and stormy with lightning strikes illuminating the sky. the god is wearing a crown and sunglasses, and his muscular arms are visible. the overall mood is powerful, intense, and majestic.
Prompt 2: a powerful blue god holding lightning bolts in his hands against a dark and stormy background. the god's face is detailed and serious, and he wears a crown and sunglasses. his muscular arms are visible, and the overall mood is intense and majestic. could be used in a story or presentation about gods and mythology, and the blue color scheme gives it a unique and memorable feel.