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a living room with a couch and a window

Andreia Trindade


A cozy spirit, images of orixás.




Date Created

April 7,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: showcases a cozy and well-lit living room with a beautiful view of the ocean. the room features a comfortable couch, a chair, and a window with a stunning view. the camera pans around the room, highlighting the various decorations and furniture. the colors of the room are warm and inviting, and the lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere.
Prompt 2: a cozy living room with a large window that offers picturesque views of the ocean. the room is furnished with a couch, chairs, and a bed, and the walls are adorned with various pictures. the room also has a rug and a vase, and a white cat is seen sitting on the bed. showcases the serene atmosphere of the room and the beauty of the ocean view.