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a picture of a ninja with a sword



a silhouette of a man holding a sword in front of a red background. the man is standing in various positions, including kneeling, sitting, and standing, and is holding the sword in different ways. the background is red and white, with a white border around it. the man is wearing a black shirt and pants, and his face is not visible. the man is depicted in different positions, including sitting on a rock and on a chair. the sword in various angles, with the man holding it both vertically and horizontally. overall, showcases a man holding a sword in various positions, with a red and white background.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man dressed in black clothing and a black hat, holding a pair of scissors in his right hand. he is seen sitting on a chair and holding a pair of scissors in his right hand. the man is also seen holding a pair of scissors in his right hand while sitting on a chair.
Prompt 2: a black and white drawing of a man in a black karate uniform holding two swords. he is sitting on a red background and is wearing a black hat. the man holding the swords in various positions, including one where he is holding them behind his back. the drawing is detailed and captures the man's posture and the swords' positions. is a great representation of the art of sword fighting and the discipline required to master it.