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a group of people standing around a fire in a cave



a group of men huddled around a fire in a cave. one of the men sitting by the fire while the others watch. the fire is the main focus of and the men are seen standing around it in various positions. captures the warmth and light of the fire, which creates a cozy atmosphere. the cave setting adds to the overall ambiance of the men seem to be enjoying each other's company and the fire, and captures a sense of camaraderie and relaxation.




Date Created

May 15,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: showcases a group of cavemen standing around a fire, with one person sitting in front of the fire. as the fire continues to burn, it starts to spread, and the group of people start to panic. the fire eventually engulfs the area, and the people are seen running away. captures the intense and chaotic scene of the fire spreading and the people's reaction to it.
Prompt 2: depicts a group of men sitting around a fire in a cave. one of the men is seen walking away from the fire. the fire is burning brightly, and the men are sitting close to it. the cave has a rocky surface, and the fire is located in the middle of the room. the men seem to be enjoying each other's company, and the fire provides warmth and light to the cave. captures the peaceful and cozy atmosphere of the cave, with the fire serving as the main source of light.