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a cartoon man in a purple shirt standing on a soccer field



CAn you generate a video of a 24 year old black light skin guy having bunch press in the middle of a stadium while the whole packed full of the ground watching him




Date Created

May 15,2024Wj




Samaritan 3d Cartoon Model
Samaritan 3d Cartoon Model
v4.0 (SDXL)
Run Count 76568

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a purple cartoon character walking around a football field before the camera pans out to reveal a man in front of a stadium. the man is wearing a purple shirt and seems to be a football player. he is seen wearing a medal around his neck and is smiling. the stadium is packed with people watching the game.
Prompt 2: a man wearing a purple shirt standing on a green field. he is talking and laughing, while another man in a pink shirt is standing next to him. the man in the purple shirt is wearing a necklace and appears to be enjoying himself. the green field is surrounded by a pink wall, and the sky is visible in the background. the man in the purple shirt is also wearing a pink shirt. the man in the pink shirt is not wearing a necklace. captures a joyful moment of two men having fun on a field.