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a golden anchor sitting on top of a body of water

Carlos Alberto de Souza Goes


Quando os ventos da adversidade sopram com força, é a âncora dos seus sonhos que mantém você firme. Deixe-os ser sua bússola, guiando-o através das tempestades para águas tranquilas.




Date Created

May 16,2024Wj




Samaritan 3d Cartoon Model
Samaritan 3d Cartoon Model
v4.0 (SDXL)
Run Count 76910

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a large orange anchor floating on a body of water. the anchor is prominently positioned in the center of the scene, and it appears to be in motion, as if being carried by a wave or a tide. the water surrounding the anchor is calm, providing a serene backdrop to the scene. the overall composition of conveys a sense of tranquility and a connection to nature.
Prompt 2: a large, detailed model of a boat anchored in the water. the boat is made of wood and is painted a golden color. it is situated near a body of water, with a cloudy sky visible in the background. the boat appears to be floating on the water, and its size is impressive, covering a significant portion of the craftsmanship of the wooden boat is evident, showcasing the skill and care put into creating this intricate model.