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a painting of a man standing in front of a group of men



a large, muscular man holding a sword and standing in front of a large army. he is wearing a helmet and a metal suit. the army is also holding swords and shields, and they are all standing in a line. the man then walks towards the army and begins to fight them. he uses his sword to cut down several soldiers in a row. the army is no match for him, and they eventually flee. the man then walks back towards the camera, still holding his sword. overall, depicts a powerful and fearsome warrior who is able to defeat a large army with ease.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a large, muscular man wearing a helmet and holding a sword. he is standing in front of a large army, and the scene is set in a mountainous area. the man is surrounded by a group of men who are also holding swords. the man then walks towards the camera, and the army follows him. showcases the power and strength of the man and his army.
Prompt 2: a large norse warrior statue standing in a field with a large army behind him. the statue is in front of a huge mountain with a large army behind him. the warrior is holding a large axe, and his body is covered in armor. the army is dressed in chain mail and shields. the statue is very detailed, and the warrior is the central figure in the scene. the setting is vast and open, with a clear blue sky in the background. is a display of the warrior's strength and courage, and of the warrior holding a giant axe is reminiscent of the norse gods. overall, is a beautiful display of the norse culture and its rich history.