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a painting of three men sitting on the floor

Luda Makev


You can create a picture from a text like this: Unfortunately, the disease of envy is also found in the world of spiritual work. There are religious people who become spiritually downcast and even depressed because they think they have not succeeded in the "competition." They are not hindered by the fact that they have not performed their duty to the best of their ability. They are hindered by the fact that they didn't do something the way someone else did. But even those who have succeeded in the "competition" -- peace of mind has not become their lot, for they are in a constant state of tension and lack of inner peace, for they are constantly busy trying to stay in the forefront. --no distortion of the people their hands feet and faces --ar 9:16




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




DreamShaper XL1.0
DreamShaper XL1.0
alpha2 (xl1.0)
Run Count 1005915

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: in the painting, three men are sitting on a floor, with one man kneeling and the others sitting next to him. the men are engaged in conversation, and the kneeling man is looking at something in his hands. the other two men are observing the scene, with one of them holding a cell phone. the men are wearing different colored robes, with one man dressed in red, another in green, and the third man wearing a white robe. in the background, there is a chair, and a clock can be seen on the wall.
Prompt 2: three men sitting on the ground, with one man kneeling and the other two sitting. all three men are wearing robes, and they appear to be engaged in a conversation. the man kneeling is holding a book, which is open and placed on his lap. the other two men are looking at the man with the book, possibly discussing or sharing information. the scene conveys a sense of community and learning, with the men gathered around to discuss and share knowledge.