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a painting of a giant monster standing in the middle of a field

Ananias José


At the request of a tavernkeeper, the heroes set out in search of a legendary artifact. With promises of great rewards, they set off towards the enigmatic country of Amon Din, shrouded in haunting mists and supernatural legends. Once there, they faced terrible creatures from the mists, and the battle took its toll, bringing more than half the group to the brink of death. However, hope resurfaced when a survivor found help in Eryan, a resident of the Mists Valley who knew the mists and their creatures. Eryan led the heroes to Vale bruma, a safe haven in the heart of Amon Din, where she sought information about the Helmet of Thought. It was the wise local cleric, @Mike , who guided them to an ancient oak tree, supposedly the last place where the artifact had been seen. Under Arthu's mastery, an ancient ritual transported them to the Plane of Dreaming, a dark and enigmatic dimension full of terrifying challenges.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




Run Count 66222

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a group of men standing in a dark and foggy area, facing a giant, monster-like creature. the monster appears to be a dragon or a giant lizard, towering over the men. they are all equipped with swords, ready to take on the beast. the scene is set in a misty, dark environment, emphasizing the danger and intensity of the situation.
Prompt 2: a group of four men standing in a moonscape-like environment. they appear to be in a hazardous area with a dark, foggy atmosphere. the men are wearing armor, suggesting that they are warriors or soldiers. in the scene, there is also a giant, demon-like creature looming in the background, creating a sense of danger and drama. this creature appears to be a central focus of drawing attention to its massive size and the otherworldly feel of the landscape. the combination of the warriors, the demonic creature, and the foggy atmosphere creates an intriguing and captivating visual experience.