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an image of a triangle in space with a nebula in the background

Влад Люцканов


starts with a black and white triangle on a dark background, and then the camera pans out to reveal a large purple triangle on a dark background. the triangle begins to rotate while the camera zooms out to show the entire triangle. then changes to a purple and white light on a dark background, and then it zooms in to show a close-up of the triangle. concludes with a large dark purple triangle that rotates.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a mesmerizing display of triangles and stars against a backdrop of space. the triangles are illuminated and move in a circular motion, creating a visually stunning effect. showcases the beauty of the universe and the intricate patterns that can be found within it. the use of triangles and stars creates a sense of depth and dimension, making the viewer feel as though they are exploring the vastness of space. is a captivating display of the wonders of the universe and the beauty of the natural world.
Prompt 2: a starry background and a purple triangle shape on a black background. the triangle shape is highlighted with purple and black triangles in the background. overall, showcases a visually stunning display of colors and shapes, with the triangle shape being a prominent feature throughout.