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a cartoon image of a man holding a sword

Marcelo Sirilei


I want a biblical warrior who is funny in a Betty Boop style.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




DreamShaper XL1.0
DreamShaper XL1.0
alpha2 (xl1.0)
Run Count 1005915

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a muscular man dressed in ancient greek attire, holding a sword and a shield. he is standing in front of a cloudy sky, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the scene. the man's attire includes a helmet, a chest piece, and a loincloth, all of which are typical elements of ancient greek armor. the sword he holds is a large, curved weapon, and the shield is positioned on his left arm. the combination of the man's attire and the cloudy sky creates a visually striking and historically accurate scene.
Prompt 2: a shirtless man dressed in ancient grecian garb, holding a sword. he is likely to be a greek warrior, as he is depicted in a costume that resembles a toga. the man is smiling, which adds a sense of warmth and friendliness to the scene. in the background, the sky is filled with clouds, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the combination of the man's attire, his smile, and the backdrop makes an attractive and engaging piece.