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a drawing of a wolf with red eyes

Fox Demon


Generate your scriptTOP TEN LYCANTHROPY FORMS AROUND THE WORLDWelcome to our exciting countdown of the top ten lycanthropy forms from around the world! Let's dive into the fascinating world of shape-shifting creatures and explore the different myths and legends that have captured our imagination for centuries.Starting off at number ten, we have the Werehyena from African folklore. Known for their cunning and mischievous nature, these creatures are said to roam the night in search of prey.At number nine, we have the Kitsune from Japanese mythology. These fox-like beings possess the ability to shape-shift into human form and are often associated with powerful magic.Coming in at number eight, we have the Skin-walker from Native American legends. These shapeshifters have the ability to transform into any animal they desire, making them both feared and respected.Next up at number seven, we have the Loup-garou from French folklore. These werewolves are said to be cursed individuals who transform into wolves during




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May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a black and white drawing of a horse walking and standing on two legs. the horse's front legs are crossed over its back legs while it walks, and it has long, curved horns. the horse in different positions, including standing on its two hind legs and walking on them. also includes a close-up of the horse's face, where its eyes are black and it has a long snout. the overall tone of is eerie and mysterious, with the horse depicted in a way that is out of the ordinary.
Prompt 2: a horse walking on all fours, then changing to a drawing of the same horse walking on two legs. the drawing from different angles, and the horse in motion. ends with the horse walking on all fours again.