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two anime girls wearing headphones standing next to each other

Attila Szűcs


a girl went fishing, then suddenly got some bad news and went home to her mum




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: two animated girls wearing headphones, with one of them having pink hair and the other wearing a white shirt. they are seen in various settings, including a room with a glowing angelic aura and in front of a green light. the girls are also seen with a cat and a dog, and at one point, they are wearing white shirts and black pants. ends with the girls standing in front of a green light.
Prompt 2: two anime characters, a black cat and a white cat, standing together and wearing headphones. they are both wearing white hoodies and are positioned in front of a green background. the white cat is on the left, and the black cat is on the right. the two characters standing together and then moving closer together. both characters are wearing headphones, and they are standing in front of a green background. is set in a studio and has a vibrant and energetic feel to it.