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a close up of a demon with glowing eyes

brutal trap mix brutal


showcases a man dressed in a black and red suit, with a scary and angry expression on his face. the suit is made of metal, and the man is holding a sharp-looking weapon. the background is filled with other metal statues of men with similar expressions. the man's suit is very detailed, and his facial expression is intense. captures the man's aggressive and intimidating demeanor, and the metal statues behind him add to the overall atmosphere of danger and fear.




Date Created

May 26,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man with spiky hair and a black and red costume, who is seen in various positions and angles. the man from different angles, and his costume is black and red. ends with a close-up of the man's face.
Prompt 2: a man with spiky hair, who in various positions, including standing in front of a wall of knives and a wall of guns. he is also seen standing in front of a wall of skulls and a wall of gears. the man is wearing a black shirt and has a spiky hairstyle. has a dark and mysterious tone, with the man appearing as a threat or a villain. the backgrounds are dark and feature walls with gears and skulls, which add to the overall dark and mysterious atmosphere. is visually striking and captivating, with the man's spiky hair and dark clothing standing out against the dark backgrounds.