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a painting of a man with his mouth wide open



a skull-headed person standing on a bridge, screaming into the camera. the background is a beautiful sunset over a lake. the skull-headed person appears to be angry, screaming into the camera, and pointing to the camera. the bridge is quite long, and the sunset in the background creates a serene and calming atmosphere. seems to capture a moment of intense emotions and feelings.




Date Created

May 31,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man wearing a black suit, standing on a wooden deck, and screaming into the camera. the scene is set against a backdrop of a beautiful sunset. the man's facial expression is intense, and he appears to be in a state of distress. the camera angle is fixed, and the man remains the focal point of the sunset in the background creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere, contrasting with the man's aggressive behavior. 's overall tone is mysterious and intriguing, leaving the viewer to wonder about the man's motivations and emotions.
Prompt 2: a man standing on a bridge with his mouth open, while a scary mask with its mouth open is also present. the sun is setting, and the sky is cloudy. the man is wearing a black shirt and has his hands on his face. the scary mask is also wearing a black shirt. ends with the man and the scary mask facing each other.