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an old book with an image of a man and a boy in the water



depicts a man baptizing a baby in a river. the man is holding a cross and a baby, and he is baptizing the baby in the river. also shows a painting of jesus baptizing a child. the man is standing in the water, and he is baptizing the baby.




Date Created

June 1,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man baptizing a child while another man holds a cross. the man is dressed in a red robe and is seen baptizing the child in a body of water. the child is also wearing a red robe. depicts the baptism ceremony in a vivid and detailed manner, showcasing the man's robe and the child's robe, as well as the body of water where the baptism takes place.
Prompt 2: depicts a man baptizing a baby in a body of water. the man is wearing a robe and holding a cross, while the baby is wrapped in a towel. the scene is set in a church, and there is a painting of jesus and a bird in the background. the man pours water on the baby's head and then dries him off with a towel. the baby is then given a cross, and the man holds him up to the crowd. ends with the man and the baby walking away.