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a painting of three people standing next to each other



three men in a cartoon-like image, with one of them holding a glass of wine. in the background, a fourth man is holding a cross. the men then drink from their glasses and the fourth man drinks from his. ends with the men standing around and talking.




Date Created

June 1,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a group of men standing in front of a book. one of the men is smoking a pipe and drinking from a glass while the others are looking at him. the men are dressed in traditional arabian clothing, and they are all smoking from a pipe. the scene is set in a room with a bookshelf in the background. the men are all sitting on a couch, and they are all smoking from a pipe. captures the men's relaxed and leisurely atmosphere as they enjoy their time together.
Prompt 2: starts with three men standing together, and then it shows a book with drawings of men. next, a black and white image of a man with a beard and a hat then shows a cartoon of men standing together. the men in the cartoon are holding a cup and are drinking from it. ends with a drawing of men standing together. is a simple depiction of men standing together, and the drawings are colorful and detailed.