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a man sitting in the middle of a group of children

Momin Mondul


a man who is sitting on the floor near a fire. he is holding a stick in his hand, and it seems like he is about to light a candle. as he lights the candle, the flame begins to flicker, and the room becomes dimly lit. the man then begins to meditate, and the camera focuses on him as he sits in silence. the flame of the candle continues to flicker, and the man remains in a peaceful state. captures the serene atmosphere of a quiet evening in a dimly lit room.




Date Created

June 22,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a boy is seen sitting in front of a lit candle. he smiles and blows out the candles before looking into the distance. showcases several candles, with some appearing to be lit and others not. the boy is dressed in a white shirt, and the surrounding area is filled with various decorations and candles. has a peaceful and calming tone, with the focus being on the boy and his actions.
Prompt 2: a young boy kneeling in front of a fire while holding a ring in his hand. around him is a group of small toys and a flame. the boy closes his eyes and then blows out the flame.