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a group of people sitting around a table



three men dressed in black costumes sitting around a table, with one of them lighting a flame on a piece of paper. the men then blow out the flame, and ends.




Date Created

July 7,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: three men dressed in black hoodies sitting around a table, with one of them lighting a candle. they then proceed to eat a pizza together while talking and laughing. the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the men seem to be enjoying each other's company. captures a moment of simple joy and camaraderie among friends.
Prompt 2: three men can be seen sitting around a table with a fire burning in the middle of it. they are all dressed up with masks on their faces, and all three of them are using a device to control the fire as it goes out. the men continue to sit there, looking at the fire, and it seems like they are trying to keep it going. the masks they are wearing are quite unique, and they all look like they are enjoying the experience. the fire seems to be the main focus of as they continue to keep it burning. the setting appears to be a dark room with no windows or any other light source visible. seems to be shot in a high-contrast black and white, which makes the fire and the masks stand out even more.