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two men in suits carrying boxes on a sidewalk



two men wearing suits and blue blazers are holding two boxes while standing in front of a building. one of them is wearing a gold medal around his neck, and they are both holding the boxes with both hands. ends with them walking away, while smiling and talking to each other.




Date Created

July 7,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: two men standing outside, holding boxes and wearing medals around their necks. they are also wearing caps. the men speak to the camera while holding the boxes, and the camera zooms in to show more details of the boxes. depicts a peaceful and solemn moment, with the men likely being honored for their achievements.
Prompt 2: two men dressed in suits and hats, holding up boxes while wearing medals around their necks. they are standing outside a building, and the men are seen smiling and talking to the camera. the men are wearing white gloves, and they are holding up the boxes while talking. seems to be a promotional or informative one, and it is not clear what the boxes contain. the men appear to be confident and well-spoken, and they seem to be enjoying themselves while talking to the camera. overall, seems to be a brief but engaging one, with the men holding up the boxes and talking to the camera.