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a picture of a duck dancing with a bunch of baby ducks



a man dressed as a white monster dancing in a garden with four yellow ducks. the man is wearing a white suit and white gloves, and he is dancing in front of a beautiful garden with pink flowers and green grass. the man is also wearing white boots and a white hat. the ducks are following the man's movements, and they are dancing in a line. the man is also holding a white umbrella while dancing. ends with the man and the ducks walking away from the camera.



Move AnimatorWj

Date Created

July 8,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a white monster dancing in a garden with yellow ducks around it. the monster is wearing a white shirt and dancing in a funny way. the ducks are also dancing and looking at the monster. the monster is holding a frisbee in its hand and throws it in the air. the ducks are also throwing the frisbee in the air. ends with the monster throwing the frisbee in the air and the ducks following it.
Prompt 2: a large white bear dancing in a garden with yellow ducks. the bear is wearing a white shirt and trousers, and it has a white shirt on. at one point, the bear puts his hand on his face. the ducks can be seen in the background, some of them are blue and yellow, while others are yellow and black. the bear dances in a circle, and the ducks follow him. the bear also shakes his hand, and the ducks follow. ends with the bear dancing and the ducks following him. overall, is a fun and playful display of the bear and ducks in a beautiful garden setting.