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a group of people sitting on the floor in a house

Central High Realty


tips for buying first home




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July 7,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts three people sitting in a room filled with packed boxes. the scene appears to be from a new house, with the group of people opening boxes and unpacking items. there are several potted plants placed around the room, adding a touch of greenery. the room is furnished with a microwave, refrigerator, and an oven, all of which are partially covered by the boxes. the individuals seem to be enjoying their time together, as they work on organizing and arranging their new living space. the scene captures the excitement of moving into a new home and the anticipation of creating a cozy and comfortable environment.
Prompt 2: a family is gathered in their new home, sitting on boxes and boxes of furniture. they are smiling and enjoying the moment, as a woman sits next to a man and another person, possibly a child, between them. the living room is furnished with two couches, a dining table, and two chairs. a potted plant is present, adding a touch of greenery to the space. a vase can be seen on the dining table, and a clock is mounted on the wall. a laptop is also visible on the table, possibly for entertainment or work purposes. the family appears to be in the process of unpacking and arranging their belongings in the new home.