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two men playing guitar in front of a crowd

Mr.quan Tran


a man in a blue jacket and a woman with white hair playing guitars on a stage. the man is wearing a light blue shirt, and the woman has white hair and is wearing a brown dress. the man is also wearing a blue hoodie while playing guitar. the background contains a row of lights. the man is playing the guitar with a microphone, while the woman is sitting in the background. the man stands up from his seat and plays the guitar while standing.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a young boy playing the guitar on stage while singing into a microphone. he is wearing a blue suit and has white hair. he is the only performer on stage and is surrounded by a group of people. the boy is singing a song about himself and is very happy. meanwhile, another boy with white hair is playing an acoustic guitar. the boy playing the guitar is wearing a blue hoodie and is joined by other people in the background. ends with the boy smiling and looking at the camera.
Prompt 2: a boy playing guitar on stage while singing. he is wearing a blue shirt and playing an acoustic guitar. the stage is well-lit with spotlights on the boy and his guitar. the boy is singing and smiling, and the audience is cheering and clapping. captures the boy's passion for music and his talent for playing the guitar and singing.