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a cartoon man playing a guitar in front of a microphone

Mr.quan Tran


showcases a boy playing the guitar on stage and singing. he is wearing a black hoodie and white wig. the stage is decorated with a blue and purple light, and the boy is playing with his feet on the guitar. the audience members are seen in the background, and the boy is singing into a microphone. captures the boy's passion for music and his performance on stage.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a young boy singing and playing the guitar on stage while wearing a black hoodie with white hair and a white microphone. the audience is situated behind him, and some people are seen walking. the boy finishes singing the song and laughs.
Prompt 2: a man singing into a microphone while playing a guitar on stage. he is wearing a black hoodie and has blonde hair. the stage is dimly lit with an orange hue, and the man is the only one on stage. at one point, he stops singing and looks at the audience. the man's singing is the main focus of and he seems to be enjoying himself while performing. the guitar playing is also impressive, and the man's voice is clear and powerful. captures the energy and passion of the performance, making it a great watch for anyone interested in music.