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an animated image of a man playing a guitar

Mr.quan Tran


a white-haired boy playing a guitar on a stage. he is dressed in a black shirt and blue pants with a white shirt underneath. the stage has a black background, and there are many white dots on it. the boy appears to be enjoying himself as he strums the guitar and looks up with a smile on his face. he finishes playing and holds the guitar in his arms while smiling.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a cartoon character who is sitting on a stage and playing a guitar. the character is wearing a blue shirt and has white hair. the stage is well-lit, and the character is the only one on the stage. the guitar is brown in color, and the character is playing it with both hands. the character's facial expression is not visible, but the character is smiling. is a simple yet charming performance of a cartoon character playing a guitar.
Prompt 2: a cartoon character playing a guitar on stage. the character is seen sitting on a chair and playing the guitar while singing. the stage is well-lit with colorful lights, and the character is wearing a black shirt. the guitar is brown in color, and the character's hair is white. ends with the character finishing playing the guitar and smiling.