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a man with white hair playing a guitar

Mr.quan Tran


a boy with white hair playing an acoustic guitar in a room. he is wearing a gray sweater and a black shirt, and there is a television behind him. the boy is seen playing the guitar in different positions, including sitting on a chair and standing in front of the television. also features a man with white hair and a beard, and a man with white hair and a mustache.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a boy with white hair and a black shirt playing a guitar in front of a television. he is wearing a sweater and is positioned in front of a microphone. the boy is seen smiling and looking at the camera while playing the guitar. is a simple yet effective display of the boy's musical talent.
Prompt 2: a young boy playing an acoustic guitar while sitting in a room with a television behind him. he is wearing a light blue shirt, black trousers, and a necktie. the boy is playing the guitar with his right hand, while his left hand is on the guitar neck. he has a light blue hair. is shot in a studio with a plain background. the boy is wearing a pair of glasses and is wearing a ring on his right hand. ends with the boy smiling and looking at the camera.