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a man playing a guitar with a microphone in front of a crowd

Mr.quan Tran


a boy with white hair playing a guitar on stage while singing into a microphone. the boy appears to be very skilled and plays the guitar with ease. the stage is brightly lit, and the boy is the main focus of ends with the boy finishing his performance and smiling.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man with white hair and a blue shirt playing a guitar on stage. he is singing into a microphone while the guitar is plugged into a black amplifier. the stage is well-lit with blue lights, and the man is wearing a white shirt. the man's hair is white, and he has a beard. he is playing the guitar with his right hand and singing with his left hand. the guitar is brown, and the amplifier is black. the man is wearing a ring on his right hand. the stage is decorated with a blue cloth, and there is a blue light on the background. the man is singing with a smile on his face.
Prompt 2: a cartoon character playing an acoustic guitar on stage, accompanied by a microphone. the character is wearing a blue shirt and has white hair, and the stage has blue lights. the character is also seen playing the guitar in a room with blue lights, and in a dark room with blue lights. the character is also seen playing the guitar on a boat. ends with the character singing into the microphone while playing the guitar.