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an animated character holding a guitar in front of an audience

Mr.quan Tran


a cartoon character playing an acoustic guitar in a dark room with other people watching. the character in different positions, including sitting in a chair, standing in front of a crowd, and playing in a room with a blue light. the guitar is the main focus throughout




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man is seen playing a guitar in a dark room while singing. he is wearing a blue shirt and black pants and is sitting on a chair. there are other people in the room who are also watching him play. the man is playing a fast tune and appears to be enjoying himself. the room is dimly lit, and the man is the only one playing the guitar. the camera captures the man's movements and facial expressions while he plays. the man's guitar playing is the main focus of and his passion and skill are evident. overall, showcases the man's musical talent and his ability to engage with an audience.
Prompt 2: a cartoon man wearing a blue shirt and black trousers while playing a guitar in front of an audience. he is surrounded by chairs and people. the man is singing while playing the guitar and the audience is watching him. he makes hand movements while singing.