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a man standing in front of a door with flames coming out of it

Under Great Lights


a man standing in a doorway with fire burning in front of him. the man is wearing a coat and there is a man standing next to him. the doorway is made of wood and the fire is coming from a fireplace. the room is dark and there are flames coming from the fireplace.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts a man walking down a dark hallway, surrounded by flames. the camera pans around the burning building, showing the man's reflection on the glass. the man appears to be walking away from the fire, but the flames continue to spread. the hallway is filled with smoke, and the man's face is covered in soot. the camera captures the man's movements as he walks deeper into the burning building. the flames are intense, and the man's movements are slow and deliberate. provides a glimpse into the chaos and danger of a burning building, with the man acting as a witness to the devastation.
Prompt 2: a man walking through a dark hallway with flames burning on the walls. the man is wearing a hoodie and is seen walking through the hallway. the flames are so intense that they are burning the walls, and the man seems to be walking through the flames. captures the man's movements as he walks through the flames, and the flames seem to be getting bigger as he walks. the man's movements are slow and deliberate, and he seems to be walking with purpose. is a captivating display of the man's bravery and determination as he walks through the flames.