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a painting of a man kneeling in front of a group of horses

anitadewi masitoh


multiple characters, including a man holding a flag, a man holding a sword, a man on a horse with a flag, and a man holding a child. there are also various scenes of people holding flags in different positions. captures the essence of war and its consequences, with a focus on the impact on innocent civilians. the characters are positioned in different locations, including a field, a desert, and a beach, with flags of various colors and designs. also features a scene of a man holding a baby, which adds a touch of innocence and vulnerability to the overall theme. overall, provides a vivid and detailed portrayal of war and its effects on people and their surroundings.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man dressed in white who is standing in front of a large group of people. he is holding a large sword and is seen pointing it towards the crowd. the man then proceeds to stab the people in the crowd, and ends with him walking away.
Prompt 2: a man dressed in a green robe who is seen waving at a group of people. the man then sits down with three others and they all wave at the camera. showcases various scenes of people and horses, with a focus on the man in the green robe and his interactions with others. also includes a painting of a man and a horse, as well as a painting of a man and a woman. overall, captures the beauty and grace of the man in the green robe and the horses he interacts with.