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two people walking down a city street at night



a group of people walking through a city at night. the city is illuminated with colorful lights, and the people are seen walking in front of a large building. captures the vibrant energy of the city at night, with the people moving in and out of frame. the city's lights create a lively atmosphere, and the people's movements add to the dynamic nature of the scene. is a beautiful representation of the city at night, with its bright lights and bustling energy.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: begins with a view of a tall building and three people walking in front of it. as they walk, they pass by several other tall buildings, and captures the majesty and beauty of the city skyline. the city is bustling and vibrant, with various people walking around and enjoying the urban landscape. conveys a sense of wonder and appreciation for the city's architecture and bustling energy.
Prompt 2: a futuristic city with a dark metropolis and blue lights. a man dressed in black walks through a dark city with blue lights and passes by a building with a blue light. the man is seen in various positions, including walking on a sidewalk and standing in front of a building. the cityscape is depicted at night, with tall buildings and blue lights. showcases the nocturnal aspect of the city, and the blue lights are a prominent feature that gives the cityscape a unique visual appeal. overall, captures the essence of a dark metropolis, with its buildings and blue lights illuminating the night sky.