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a woman in a wedding dress standing in front of a body of water

Aleks_andr Litin_73_rus


captures a bride standing on a dock, admiring the moonlit sea. she is dressed in an elegant white wedding dress and is holding a bouquet of white roses. the wedding dress has a flowing design, and the bouquet is adorned with a delicate silver ribbon. the surroundings are beautifully decorated with a dazzling string of white lights. the bride appears to be enjoying her special day, and the sight of the sea at night is breathtaking. showcases the beauty of weddings and the serenity of nature, making it a perfect watch for anyone who wants to feel the magic of the occasion.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a bride in a wedding dress standing at the altar, with a man in a tuxedo beside her. the bride looks out at the ocean, and the camera captures the stunning view. also shows the bride walking down the aisle and the couple embracing. the bride's dress is elegant and flows gracefully as she moves. the ocean is calm, with a gentle breeze and a few waves breaking on the shore. the couple is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with the sun setting in the background. captures the beauty and romance of the wedding ceremony, with the bride and groom sharing a special moment.
Prompt 2: portrays a beautiful bride dressed in a white wedding gown standing on a rocky shore by the sea at night. she is surrounded by a tree-filled area with lights all around. the bride gazes out at the water, and the moon shines bright in the sky. captures the serene beauty of the moment as the bride takes in the view.