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a painting of a river with pink flowers

Aleks_andr Litin_73_rus


showcases a beautiful night scene with a house and a flower garden. the flowers are lit up and the waterfall is flowing. the sky is lit up with stars, and a purple light illuminates the waterfall. the scene is serene and peaceful, and captures the beauty of the natural surroundings.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: showcases a serene and picturesque scene of a river flowing through a valley with a house and a garden in the background. the river is surrounded by rocks and flowers, and the house is illuminated by a warm glow. captures the beauty of nature and the tranquility of the surroundings.
Prompt 2: depicts a serene scene of a house, a waterfall, and flowers. it begins with a night view of the house and flowers, and then transitions to the waterfall. the waterfall in different stages of day, with the flow of water varying in intensity. then transitions to a night view of the waterfall and the house, with the flowers adding to the serene ambiance. ends with a blue screen featuring the website address.