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a man and a woman standing on a beach at sunset

Mr.quan Tran


a man and a woman standing on a beach, looking out at the ocean. the woman leans her head on the man's shoulder, and they both look out at the water. the sun is setting, and the sky is a beautiful orange color. the couple seems to be enjoying each other's company and the beautiful scenery around them. captures the peaceful and romantic atmosphere of the beach at sunset.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man and woman hugging on a beach, with the sun setting in the background. the sun is glowing orange, and the sky is filled with clouds. the woman is wearing a white shirt, and the man has blonde hair. the couple is seen hugging from behind, and the woman kisses the man on the cheek. captures the serene and romantic atmosphere of the beach setting, with the natural beauty of the sunset and the sound of waves crashing on the shore providing a calming background.
Prompt 2: a man and a woman standing on a beach under a sunset. the woman kisses the man, and they hold each other tightly as the sun sets. throughout the couple's body language highlights the intimacy and romance of their relationship. the setting of the beach and the serene sunset provide a peaceful and romantic ambiance that contrasts with the intense emotions of the couple. overall, tells a story of love and affection that is both heartwarming and visually stunning.