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a girl with braids standing on a beach looking at the ocean

Mr.quan Tran


a woman standing on the beach, looking out at the ocean. the sun is setting, casting a warm glow over the scene. the woman has braided her hair and is wearing a white dress. there are white clouds in the sky, and the waves of the ocean are rolling in. the woman appears to be enjoying the peaceful and serene atmosphere, taking in the beauty of the scenery. overall, captures a moment of tranquility and awe at the power of nature.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman standing on the beach, looking out towards the ocean. she has her hair braided in a unique way and is wearing a white blouse. the camera captures her gazing towards the waves as they crash and roll. the sun is setting in the background, casting a warm and peaceful light over the scene. the woman seems calm and content, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the serenity of the moment.
Prompt 2: a woman with braided hair and two plaits in her hair, standing next to the ocean during sunset. she is seen with her back towards the water. the beach and ocean are seen in the background, along with the sun setting in the horizon. the woman's hair is very long and appears to be braided and tied with a hair tie. the beach is quite serene with no one else visible the sunset creates a beautiful and calming atmosphere, and the woman's hair seems to flow with the sea breeze. overall, captures the peaceful and tranquil experience of being near the ocean during a sunset.