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a man and woman walking on a beach holding hands

Mr.quan Tran


a man and a woman standing on a beach, holding hands and looking out at the ocean. the sun is setting, and the sky is orange, creating a beautiful backdrop. the couple is dressed in white, and they appear to be enjoying each other's company. the man is wearing a white shirt, and the woman is wearing a white dress. the couple seems to be in a happy and content mood, and they are enjoying the serene beauty of the beach. captures the peaceful and calming atmosphere of the beach, and it is a beautiful sight to see the couple enjoying each other's company.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man and a woman standing on a beach, holding hands and enjoying the beautiful scenery. the sunset in the background creates a serene atmosphere. the couple is seen walking along the beach, with the man wearing a white shirt and the woman wearing a white dress. the man is also wearing sunglasses. captures the couple's romantic and peaceful moment on the beach.
Prompt 2: an elderly couple standing on a beach, holding hands. the sunset creates a beautiful and serene backdrop for their romantic gesture. the camera focuses on their peaceful moments, highlighting their bond and love for each other.