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a painting of a mercedes car on display

Masego Toolo


generate the following for a movie trailer. Opening shot: Dark city skyline with eerie extraterrestrial transmissions playing over the radio. then cut to Nicholas Cage as Cooper, a seasoned scientist, looking intensely at a screen filled with alien code. Cut to: Gal Gadot as Tesla, taking down weapons dealers in a parking garage. Cut to: Cars turning on their owners, chaotic scenes of people running. Cooper and Tesla narrowly escaping a predatory Ferrari. Epic car chase scenes, gunfights, and intense close-ups of Cooper and Tesla. Mercedes Benz, voiced by Judi Dench. Cooper and Tesla connecting EMP devices around the globe. Cut to: Explosive action scenes, Tesla in danger, Mercedes’ heroic sacrifice. Cut to: Cooper activating the EMP device, massive energy wave deactivating all cars.Cut to: Final scene, Cooper tries to charm Tesla. Cut to: Title screen with epic music.




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




Run Count 715290

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a blue car being built in a garage. the car is being painted in a dark blue color, and the workers painting it meticulously. the car is then driven away by a man, and it driving on the street. captures the entire process of building and painting the car, from start to finish. the workers are seen working diligently to ensure that the car is built and painted to perfection. provides a detailed and vivid view of the car-building process, from start to finish.
Prompt 2: a blue car being painted in a garage. the car is parked in a room, and a man is seen painting it while another man is standing behind him. the room has a blue light, and there are other cars in the background. ends with the car being parked in the same room.