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an old cell phone sitting next to a new cell phone

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And that's why, some unboxings are boring, some are okay & some are exciting. But when we get a box like this, it's a super exciting unboxing. Yes, this is the CMF Phone 1 box. But in this box, there are many other things along with the CMF Phone 1. But that's why it's not super exciting. This phone is a little different & unique. There are many things that you won't get in other phones, especially in this price range. There are some things that I don't know why they've given, but they have. You'll like this phone, you'll dislike it, that's fine. But you can't ignore this phone because it's different. It's a trend setting phone. Let's open Wonderful by Design. Yes, this is the 60-70% exciting thing. Its design is very different. You can see the partnership between D-Nage Engineering & CMF & Nothing. There are already many boxes. This is the CMF Phone 1. CMF is written on the top & Phone 1 is written on the bottom. This is the case. The case is a little different, it's a replaceable back. It's just not a case




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July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a cell phone with a digital display and a physical keypad. the cell phone is placed on a table next to a calculator, with a pen and a pair of scissors nearby. the cell phone is open and ready to use, with its screen displaying the time. the calculator is also open, showcasing its keys and screen. the scene showcases everyday items used for personal or professional purposes, emphasizing the importance of technology in our daily lives.
Prompt 2: a cell phone is open and displayed on a table, with a calculator screen visible. the calculator displays a time of 00:32. a person's hand is holding the calculator keypad. a pen is also present on the table, along with a book. the cell phone is made by a company called j-way. showcases a close-up of the phone's calculator and keypad.