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a picture of a bitcoin sitting on top of stacks of coins and a calculator

Thanh Sơn Phùng


a close-up of a bitcoin logo, followed by a graph showing the history of the coin's value. there are also various coins stacked on top of each other, along with a cell phone and a computer mouse displayed on a table. demonstrates the cryptocurrency's ups and downs and how it has affected the economy. it also highlights the potential for cryptocurrency to be successful in the future.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a stack of gold coins on a table, and then it transitions to a graph of a coin's value. then shows the value of the coin going up and down, and the graph again. finally, ends with a close-up of the gold coins.
Prompt 2: showcases a close-up of a bitcoin coin, followed by a graph of a stock market. then transitions to a computer screen displaying the bitcoin logo, and a graph of a stock market. concludes with a close-up of the bitcoin coin.