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a man laying on a pile of money surrounded by ducks



a man is seen lying down with a group of yellow birds surrounding him. he is holding a teddy bear and smiling. the scene is quite peaceful and serene. the man is wearing a black jacket and a black cap, and he is smiling and looking at the camera. the birds are scattered all around him, some on the ground and some on the man's shoulders. the man is holding the teddy bear in his right hand, and it seems like he is enjoying the company of the birds and the teddy bear. overall, showcases a calm and relaxing atmosphere with a man surrounded by a group of birds and a teddy bear.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man lying in a field with a large number of yellow toys. he is holding a teddy bear and smiling. the sun is shining, and the man seems to be enjoying the moment. the toys are scattered all around him, and the scene is very peaceful and serene. captures the man's happiness and the joy that he is experiencing while surrounded by the toys.
Prompt 2: a man lying in the dirt surrounded by yellow birds and coins. he is wearing a black coat and is seen holding a teddy bear. the man is also holding a bag of coins. ends with the man looking up at the camera.