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a bunch of different dinosaurs standing next to each other

Rejan Pompeo


algoritmo SerieDesenhosDinossauro: definir lista_dinossauros = ["Tiranossauro Rex", "Tricerátopo", "Braquiossauro", "Estegossauro", "Pterodáctilo"] definir lista_caracteristicas = { "Tiranossauro Rex": ["Grande", "Carnívoro", "Andava sobre duas pernas"], "Tricerátopo": ["Grandes chifres", "Herbívoro", "Tinha um grande escudo ósseo"], "Braquiossauro": ["Pescoço longo", "Herbívoro", "Viviam em grupos"], "Estegossauro": ["Placas nas costas", "Herbívoro", "Cauda com espinhos"], "Pterodáctilo": ["Asas grandes", "Carnívoro", "Vivia perto de corpos d'água"] } para cada dinossauro em lista_dinossauros: iniciar novo episódio apresentar("Hoje vamos aprender sobre o " + dinossauro + "!") listar caracteristicas de lista_caracteristicas[dinossauro] mostrar curiosidades e fatos interessantes sobre o dinossauro comparar dinossauro com animal atual concluir episódio com uma mensagem educativa finalizar episódio




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: showcases a large group of dinosaurs in various poses, including walking, running, and standing. the dinosaurs are shown in different colors, including brown, green, and white. also features a close-up of a dinosaur's eye, and a clip of a dinosaur's tail. overall, provides a detailed and vivid look at the world of dinosaurs.
Prompt 2: showcases a series of images featuring a variety of dinosaurs. s are organized in a grid-like pattern, with each image displaying a different species of dinosaur. the focus of is on the diversity of dinosaurs, with a particular emphasis on their unique physical characteristics and features. aims to educate and entertain viewers by providing a visual journey through the fascinating world of dinosaurs.