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a white smoke billowing out of a pipe on a black background

Ирина Николаева


a cloud of smoke in a room, with the camera zooming in on the smoke, revealing a clear view of the smoke. the camera pans around the smoke, capturing different angles of the smoke as it moves through the air. the smoke appears to be a combination of white and blue, creating a visually striking contrast against the black background. the smoke seems to be thick and dense, with the camera capturing the intricate details of the smoke as it swirls around the room. offers a mesmerizing display of the beauty of smoke against a dark background.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a white smoke rising from a black background, creating a contrasting effect. it appears to be a scene of a gas leak or an industrial accident, which has caused the smoke to rise into the air. the smoke is thick and clumpy, indicating that it is a dense and sticky substance. the camera zooms in on the smoke, highlighting its texture and density. the smoke appears to be spreading, as it rises higher into the air and continues to spread outwards. captures the tension and concern that surround an industrial accident and the potential harm it can cause. the use of white smoke against a black background creates a visually striking and dramatic effect, making it more impactful. overall, is a powerful reminder of the dangers that can come with industrial accidents and the importance of safety measures to prevent them.
Prompt 2: a white smoke that is seen billowing upwards and then spreading out. the smoke is captured from various angles, and the camera captures the smoke as it spreads out and continues to rise. showcases the smoke's movement and the way it spreads out, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.