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a group of people dressed in traditional clothing standing next to each other

moaze yasser


a man and a woman standing outside a building and talking to each other. they are both wearing traditional clothing, and the woman is holding a child in her arms. the man then turns to the camera and begins speaking directly to it. he continues talking as the woman and child walk away. the man seems to be engaged in a serious conversation, and the woman and child appear to be leaving the scene. captures a moment of everyday life, with the man and woman engaging in conversation while the woman and child move away. overall, is a brief but intimate glimpse into a moment in time, with a focus on the man's conversation and the woman and child's departure.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: captures a group of people, including children and adults, gathered outside a building. they are seen interacting with each other, with some of them standing and others sitting. the children are seen playing with a man, while the adults are seen talking to each other. the scene is lively and full of energy, with the children and adults enjoying each other's company.
Prompt 2: a group of people standing outside a building. two women are seen talking to a man while another man in a red shirt stands next to them. the man in red then kisses the hand of a woman, and the two women begin to laugh. the man in red then kisses another woman on the cheek, and the two women continue to laugh. the man in red then kisses a third woman on the cheek, and the women continue to laugh. the scene appears to be a friendly gathering, with people enjoying each other's company. captures a moment of joy and camaraderie among friends.