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two anime girls wearing headphones standing next to each other

gutembergue yossef


two anime girls with cat ears and headphones on their heads. they are posing and smiling in a dark room. there are also various captions and descriptions of the girls' appearance and clothing. in the first frame, the girls are wearing white shirts and blue skirts. in the next frame, they are wearing white shirts and black pants. the third frame shows them wearing different clothing, and in the fourth frame, they are wearing white and pink clothing. the fifth frame shows them holding hands and standing in a dark room, and the sixth frame shows them standing next to each other. the seventh frame shows one of the girls with a yellow headband, and in the eighth frame, the girls are wearing different clothing and posing with their arms around each other. overall, cute anime girls with cat ears and headphones, posing and smiling in a dark room.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: two anime characters, a black cat and a white cat, dressed in white jackets and black hats. they are seen wearing headphones, and a green glow highlights them on the screen. they are having a conversation while a white angel appears on the screen. the black cat has green eyes, and the white cat has blue eyes. they are both wearing pink hats. the scene is visually pleasing, and the characters appear to be enjoying themselves.
Prompt 2: two animated girls wearing headphones are seen. they are holding hands and are surrounded by a halo. they appear to be talking to someone off-screen. their outfits are black and white, and their hair is in pigtails down the middle. as they hold hands, the halo behind them lights up. they then put their hands on their faces and turn towards the camera. both of them are wearing the same black and white shoes and socks. the background is bright pink, and there are two pink hearts in the background.