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a woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and a horse in the background

Colt Norris


Create a video without any voiceover, of a beautiful Pakistani female developer coding on her laptop. She is working on a laptop, the background has a painting of a horse. She is wearing a lingerie.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




DreamShaper XL1.0
DreamShaper XL1.0
alpha2 (xl1.0)
Run Count 1009868

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman is sitting at a desk, working on a laptop computer. she is wearing a blue shirt and has long, curly hair. the laptop is placed on the desk in front of her. a horse is standing in the background, behind the woman. the horse is positioned to the right of the woman, and it appears to be looking at her. the scene gives off a sense of calm and focus as the woman works on her laptop.
Prompt 2: a woman is sitting at a desk, typing on her laptop. the laptop is positioned close to her, and she is looking at the screen attentively. a picture of a horse is placed in front of her on the desk, providing a pleasant and calming atmosphere. there is a keyboard and a mouse on the desk as well, indicating that she is likely working or browsing the internet. the woman has long, dark hair and is wearing a light blue shirt, adding a touch of color to the scene.