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a man standing in front of a dragon

Erivelto Coelho


A dragon-man wearing a black cape. He has a grumpy appearance and is being worshiped by a crowd in front of him, in a large place but with dark lighting. Rivers of lava flow near the site. Evil shadows surround the place.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




Run Count 676726

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man who is dressed in a black costume and standing in front of a fiery background. he is depicted as a dragon or a similar creature. the man is holding a sword and is standing in front of a fiery background, and he is surrounded by flames. seems to be showcasing a scene from a movie or a video game, where the man is portrayed as a hero or a warrior. the fiery background adds a sense of excitement and danger to the scene, and the sword held by the man suggests that he is prepared for battle. overall, seems to be a thrilling portrayal of a hero or a warrior character in a fiery and dramatic setting.
Prompt 2: a man dressed as a dragon, standing on a hill while fire rages in the background. he appears to be burning in the fire, but has been edited to show him standing on the hill. in one scene, the dragon is standing in a cave, and in another, he is standing in the middle of a field while fire burns around him. a person is also shown standing in front of a burning fire. ends by showing the dragon standing on a rock.