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an anime girl with long hair and pink hair

Dieuveil Ahoue


tilt shift art of abstract style anime art of a magical girl, 8k, stunning intricate details, by artgerm




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman with pink hair and a pink dress standing in a room. she is holding a white teddy bear and has pink hair. the woman is seen in various positions, including sitting on a bed and standing in front of a mirror. she is wearing a pink dress and has pink hair. also includes a scene where she is standing in front of a computer screen.
Prompt 2: captures a woman in a pink dress walking around a room. she starts dancing, and her dress blows up, revealing her wearing a metal bikini underneath. the woman's hair becomes pink, and she continues to dance while her hair grows longer and longer. she turns around and walks away, and her hair grows even more.