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a person standing in front of a bright light



A 7 seconds of a boy falling from a blue sky with some clouds. His blond hair blows in the wind. The sunlight highlights her blue eyes and his skin. He wears cyberpunk style clothes




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Stable Diffusion
Run Count 14195

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: captures a group of boys who are playing with a flying disc in an open area. one of the boys spins the disc to the ground with his leg and then catches it using his other leg. the group then proceeds to throw the disc to one another while walking around and spinning it on their fingers. showcases their playful and athletic nature as they perform various tricks and moves with the disc. the background of a vast and serene sky, which adds to the peaceful and playful atmosphere of overall, is a fun and engaging display of the boys' physical abilities and their love for outdoor play.
Prompt 2: a boy standing on a pier, looking out at the ocean. he then spins around and throws a frisbee into the distance. the camera follows the frisbee as it flies through the air, and the boy watches it go. captures the beauty of the ocean and the joy of playing with a frisbee on a sunny day.